Medical documents

Please remember to bring medical documents which may facilitate your treatment and save repeat examinations (x-rays, prescriptions, list of medicines etc.).

Reception points

Our receptionists are recognizable by their blue uniforms. They are at your service in the entrance halls of the various sites. They will guide and inform you.

Your valuables

Please do not keep large sums of money or valuables on your person or in your room. You can hand them in to a member of the nursing staff for safe deposit in the cash office of the hospital where you are staying. Check the relevant opening times and keep them in mind at the time of your discharge. Please be aware that HUG declines liability for loss or theft. You can collect your possessions from the cash office on production of an identity document. Anyone else can also collect them on production of your written authorization to do so. If you are an emergency admission Our administration will streamline your registration when you arrive. After initial treatment, you will be referred to the right location, which will handle your file from then on.

Geneva University Hospitals measure your satisfaction. Each year about 1’500 people answer a set of 84 questions. The analysis of the results serves to improve our services.

If you do not wish your presence to be disclosed to third parties, ask for total privacy when you arrive.

Check your insurance

guide du patient - admissionIf you live in Switzerland outside the Canton of Geneva, your insurer and your canton of residence will meet the costs of your treatment, provided that HUG is entered on your canton’s hospital list and the services you are receiving are authorized. On admission to hospital, you must submit a guarantee of cover of your treatment costs, issued by the doctor of your canton of residence.

If you are covered by international or foreign insurance, we suggest you check your cover and make sure that the costs will be met before you are admitted. You should apply for a guarantee of full cover for your stay.

If you are referred for outpatient treatment but then have to spend one or more nights in hospital, your stay will be considered a case of hospitalization.

As your insurance does not cover the cost, there is a charge for personal laundry, telephone and personal expenses (newspapers, hairdresser etc.) which you will have to meet yourself (also, see for your share in the costs of your stay).

If you wear glasses, contact lenses or prostheses (dentures or hearing aid), please let your healthcare team know. Please remember to bring the products necessary to maintain them and the means to tidy them away.

transfert du patientIf you are moved

There are no further formalities if you move between HUG divisions. However, if you are transferred from another institution, you will normally complete our admission formalities. If you were given a transfer slip, please hand it in to your healthcare team on arrival: it contains information useful to your further treatment.

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Last update : 23/04/2021